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JOBLAB - The secret multimedia laboratory for vocational orientation and academic careers


There are two different kinds of JOBLAB, one for vocational training (with 152 professions) and one for academic careers (with 159 professions).

JOBLAB can be adapted to the needs of different stages of age and contexts easily.

Use of JOBLAB – out of the feedbacks:

  • JOBLAB is even been used by universities to train teachers in the subject “vocational counseling”.
  • In school-lessons for vocational orientation, socialstudies or economic studies and in German schools in foreign countries within german-lessons.
  • Often JOBLAB is ordered on reccommendation of teachers, friends, schoolmates or vocational counselers.
  • Frequently it is ordered by parents, grandparents, brothers/sisters, relatives and by teachers - for all their students.

Total number of copies published worldwide: 285.000

    There is a spezial edition of JOBLAB for the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB).

    In 2003 JOBLAB got the Innovation Award “Women Power in the new professions”.

    A chilenian edition of JOBLAB has been developed in cooperation with three chilenian ministries, those for labour, education and social affairs. A chinese version was realized in cooperation with the chinese national labor administration. Both projects as well as the conzept for an ugandese version of JOBLAB were realized in cooperation with the GTZ - GTZ is an international cooperation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations.

    Life inside JOBLAB

    In JOBLAB you can take on various identities and try out different careers and lifestyles. All data, results and scores achieved during the game will be saved.

    JOBLAB has 6 modules. The player will be given handy tips on how to apply for a trainee position. You will find several videos about the jobs and the interviews in the video library.

    The jobs are stored inside coloured balls in the laboratory dome. Information about each job is displayed by inserting these into the scanner. The control panel lets you move around JOBLAB and activate its different functions. Inserting a job ball into the scanner gives you a short description of the respective job.

    JOBLAB for career counselling
    JOBLAB can be used for both group presentations and for individual counselling. Individual careers can be presented and explored. You can also compare jobs in order to highlight their similarities and differences. The interests and abilities of the applicants can be pre-determined. Aspects of the compatibility of family life and work can be discussed. Experienced career counsellors will be able to define professional prototypes and use them as a basis for consultancy sessions.

    JOBLAB as your own experimental laboratory
    JOBLAB helps you discover your professional orientation and to find appropriate careers. It helps highlight prospective careers, taking your own interests, capabilities and wishes into account.

    Through the development of your own career, you set the basis for orientation within the existing job scheme. During the simulation you can adopt different identities and then test various alternatives. Throughout this procedure new constellations and prospective careers are created. JOBLAB can be played alone or with others.

    Training with JOBLAB
    JOBLAB is well suited for presentations. It is possible to present and compare the jobs themselves and also to discuss frequently requested attributes such as flexibility and compatibility. Tips to help with job applications are available , as well as a compatibility simulator, with which you can try out different options to examine the compatibility of family life and work. JOBLAB can be used as a tool for discussion groups, as well as for speeches or longer lectures (e.g. as a general introduction to the topic "finding the ideal job"). The compatibility simulator facilitates the discussion of topics such as life planning, social labour division in family and work and gender-specific behavioural roles. The interviews and the subject/job related videos constitute topics for discussions linked to the theme "career" from different perspectives.

    JOBLAB can also be used for careers events at college level.

Module 1 "Occupational Design"
Occupations are being created according to one's own wishes and concepts


Module 2 "The test Room"
In this room, there are four different test devices that will help explore one's interests and skills


Module 3 "Different Occupations in Comparison"
Single occupations are explored in more detail and compared to each other. Information on each occupation is given, including the possibilities for (further) training, and in some cases images and video


Module 4 "Finding Similarities"
In this module, jobs and professions are displayed according to their relative similarity. With a single click, one can shift the focus from one job to another and explore connections between the different professions


Module 5 "Me and my Occupation"
Own interest and skills are compared with the characteristic of the occupations. It is possible to alter the impact of test result or school notes


Module 6 "The Compatibility Simulator"
Here, one can play out the different possibilities of combining family and occupation. Depending on the age of the child, one needs to come up with child care provisions. For each model, there is also a rough estimate on the necessary income of family


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